Good Drupal code, at home and around the world.

I’m all about the code.

Hello. You’ve reached the home of Garrett Albright, a web developer with over six years of professional experience working on sites large and small, individually and on teams, in various places in the United States and Japan.

When it comes to development, I’m not much for buzz or flash (just like this web site); I just make code that I can be proud of at the end of the day, following best practices in development, code structure, and version control. Solid development and solid results.

I’ve made over thirty thousand web sites better.

Among other things, I’m the creator of the Pathologic module, which, at last check, was installed on over 30,000 sites across the internet. I made something useful for all of those webmasters; now what useful thing can I make for you?

Read more about my web development skills and projects, check out my résumé (PDF), or check out my iOS projects. If you’d like to talk to me about your future projects, please get in touch!


I’m currently working in a full-time position in Boise, Idaho, USA. I’m not currently looking for new full-time or freelancing opportunities, butI’m always interested in hearing about possibilities in the USA, Tokyo, or maybe even Shanghai (it’s a long story). Please get in touch!